About us

Hill Smith Corporate Management is an independent specialized management company that operates under a license from the Dutch Central Bank. We are experienced in providing tailored services...
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We provide services in a number of specific areas of expertise.Directorship and Domiciliation services provision of a registered address; providing assistance with keeping the registration up to date; ...
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The Netherlands

The Netherlands is traditionally an attractive and competitive jurisdiction in the field of international taxation, but also from a global investment (protection) perspective on intellectual property...
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Hill Smith Corporate Management represents a wide variety of multi-national corporations, mainly from North- America. However we also provide local management services to smaller operational companies...
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Latest news

New VAT rules for e-commerce businesses in the EU

Friday 16 December, 2016
On December 1 st 2016, the European Commission (’Commission’) revealed a series of proposals to improve and modernize the VAT..
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EU Commission proposes European rules on business insolvency in new Restructuring Directive

Friday 29 November 2016
On 22 November, the EU Commission proposed the ’EU Restructuring Directive’ (’Directive’)..
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