About us


Hill Smith Corporate Management is an independent specialized management company that operates under a license from the Dutch Central Bank since August 2015. During 2016 Hill Smith Corporate Management also established a UK based management company, which adheres to the same policies and principles as the Dutch company. The Dutch company merged with JEGE Trust B.V. as per 29 December 2017 in order to broaden its expertise and team and strengthen its capability of providing business solutions for clients.
The enthusiastic team of HSCM exists of employees who offer you the knowledge and experience required to help you develop your company. We operate in an entrepreneurial environment; our clients always come first. We are experienced in providing tailored services in the Netherlands and United Kingdom through a personal, cost- conscious and solution-minded approach. We adhere to short channels of communication and deliver discrete and high-end services with a 24/7 approach. Through our extensive network and close working relations with the Hill Smith King & Wood law firm and Finance Plus accounting firm, we are able to provide efficient solutions from a legal perspective as well as efficient coordination of the financial reporting and tax compliance.

Doing business in the current fast-changing global environment provides great opportunities, but at the cost of complexity.  We operate as a member of the client team. Our directors and support team are highly experienced professionals. With the ever-increasing substance requirements from an international tax perspective and hands on knowledgeable management requirements from operational corporate governance and risk management, we are well adapted to provide all the services that you may require.

Our organization’s policy is based on transparency and compliance in accordance with the latest standards of the regulators of the financial markets. As gatekeeper of the financial system we maintain a high level of integrity of our business. In line with the guidelines of the regulators, Hill Smith Corporate Management has developed an internal policy with regard to what we deem unwanted aggressive tax planning and how our organization will handle cases concerning aggressive tax planning.
We further realize our ambitions by a permanent monitoring of our business and financial transactions of companies under management in order to keep our working standards in line with national and international requirements with regard to anti money laundering and terrorist financing. As part of this, we obviously comply with all client and related party identification and source of wealth requirements, for which we use state of the art screening technologies which should create a minimal impact on you and your company’s operations. Obviously, we protect your personal details at the highest standards against data breaches in accordance with the most stringent privacy regulations. We keep our promises to our clients.

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