We provide services in a number of specific areas of expertise.

Directorship and Domiciliation services

• provision of a registered address;
• providing assistance with keeping the registration up to date;
• providing corporate directorship and company secretary services;
• preparing and effect all the requisite fillings with governmental agencies and authorities or public interests organizations;
• safe keeping of all books and records at the registered address;
• keeping the company (s) file (s) up to date with respect to the Articles of Association, copies of resolutions, minutes of Shareholders meetings, official registrations, copies of annual accounts, the Shareholder register;
• convene annual Meetings of Shareholders or Members and any other meetings as may be required or desired;
provision of office facilities and back office support;

Finance and Accounting services

• preparation of an accounting plan, group accounting procedures, periodical reporting and the timetables;
• maintaining accurate journals and accounting records;
• preparing annual accounts in accordance with the applicable laws, and to assist in providing information, if required, in the auditing of such accounts by duly qualified auditors;
• operation and maintenance of bank accounts;
• providing appropriate information, assistance and oversight with regards to the filling of the company’s tax returns, including but not limited to returns for corporation tax, social security contributions and VAT/GST, to be prepared by duly qualified tax advisers;

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