The Netherlands


The Netherlands is traditionally an attractive and competitive jurisdiction. As an open economy, the Netherlands has always given priority to a transparent and stable economic system, which is flexible enough to anticipate the rapidly changing requirements of international economic flows. As the Netherlands is a small country, it is very much aware of the necessity of cooperation and alliances with other countries and trade organizations all over the world. The Netherlands is considered as an attractive jurisdiction for foreign investors and multinationals. It has a keen business sense, highly skilled workforce, tolerant image, global investment (protection) perspective on intellectual property management, and an extensive network of bilateral trade and tax treaties.

Companies operating in the Netherlands may benefit from various tax advantages, both domestically and internationally as a result of the extensive treaty network and well developed systems. The stable legal system also provides certainty for companies or families which want to establish estate planning or family office structures. The Netherlands is at the forefront of compliance and regulation and provides the highest degree of comfort from a regulatory and anti fraud perspective.

The Netherlands therefore offers a perfect basis to set up new businesses.


• The central geographical position of the Netherlands and its outstanding infrastructure, make it the ideal gateway to start expanding your business to (mainland) Europe.
• The Netherlands acts as the logistics hub for Europe through the Rotterdam port and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, both with renowned service levels.
• The Netherlands features one of the most highly educated, flexible and motivated workforces in Europe.
• Due to its exceptional amount of bilateral investment treaties, the Netherlands is a secure place from which to make your investments.
• The Dutch political and financial climate has been very stable for decades.
• The Netherlands has the eighth position of cleanest countries in the world with respect to the perceived level of public sector corruption.


• The Netherlands has one of the most extensive tax treaty networks in the world.
• The Netherlands has an attractive corporate tax rate of 25% (20% for profits up to EUR 200,000).
• Economically double taxation can usually be avoided in the Netherlands. Profits from subsidiaries and branches can be enjoyed tax free due to the full participation exemption for dividend distributions as well as capital gains and foreign branch exemption respectively subject to certain conditions.
• There are no withholding taxes on interest and royalties, and a reduction of or no withholding taxes on dividends usually applies.
• The innovation box, together with other Research and Development (R&D) facilities, provides for a highly attractive tax regime for R&D activities.
• Expatriates with special skills may benefit special tax allowances.

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